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The sorceress’s bed

Zatanna was walking down a dark hallway of the mansion. She had an anonymous tip that there had been some dark magic being practised here. So far she had only found new furniture in the giant place. Zatanna didn’t notice the shadowy figure stalking her where ever she walked.

"Man this place is creepy" Zatanna said as she continued her search

Zatanna was dressed in her normal magic attire with her with her stockings, white button up top and black coat with her gloves and top hat. She was looking in perfect shape as she had a flawless figure with wonderful curves which her attire showed off.

"It looks like someone has been living here, but there is no sign of dark magic" She said as she walked into a very large empty bedroom "Hmm this is the only room with no furniture in it" she said as she began to look around the empty room for clues

The room was dimly lit as its only light source came from a small round window in the roof. Zatanna saw something shine in the middle of the room and decided to see what it was. Zatanna wandered over and found a gold necklace on the ground I the middle of the room.

“Hmm this is strange but it does look beautiful I must say” Zatanna said holding it up into the air towards the little light the room provided

As she held the necklace up to the light she got a sudden urge to try it on. As she placed it around her neck it began to shine even brighter than before. Once the necklace had returned to normal Zatanna stood there in confusion as to what had just happed. It was at this time that the shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. Zatanna knowing that someone was behind her turned to face her stalker and found it to be her mortal enemy the one and only Allura. Allura was dressed in her normal purple attire with her golden chains and purple knee high boots and cape.

“Hahaha” Allura laughed evilly “I have got you now Zatanna” she said raising her hand

Zatanna went to raise her own hand to cast a spell but she couldn’t. For some reason she could not move her own body.

“What the hell” Zatanna screamed

“Mwhahah it seems you have fallen for my trap Zatanna. I have total control over you now hahaha” Allura said with a wicked smile

“What. But how? Oh no the necklace” Zatanna said desperately trying to remove her necklace

“It is no use my dear, you can’t unless I let you. Oh and don’t bother with your spells I have taken away your magic” Allura said walking closer to the helpless heroine

“What the hell do you want Allura?” Zatanna said showing no fear

“Oh so brave, well you see I want to start a new life so I bought this lovely new mansion and have packed it full of new furniture to make it feel more like home” Allura stated

“What did you run out of magic to fill your bed room then” Zatanna smartly remarked with a smirk

“hahaha no my dear you see quit the opposite, I have always wanted a large soft oversized bed to sleep on and I thought well where is the fun in just making one out of thin air hmm” Allura said walking around Zatanna

“Wow you really have lost the plot now haven’t you, I mean me beating you some many times has started to take its toll now” Zatanna said taunting her captor
“Well you won’t be smiling once I’m finished with you dear Zatanna” Allura said annoyed at Zatanna mocking her

"why what are you gonna do, send me to the dark realm ha, just face it you can't get rid of me Allura" Zatanna said knowing that Allura indeed could if she wanted to

"Get rid of you no, quit the opposite, you see i decided to make you more useful to me and have alot of fun in the process my dear" Allura said returning to the front of Zatanna

"Oh yer and how are you gonna do that?" Zatanna asked still showing her captor no fear

"Simple I’m going to make you my new bed" Allura said before laughing wickedly once again

Zatanna's eyes grew wide as the words left Allura's mouth. She was going to make Zatanna her what!

"Are you crazy, I’m a person not a piece of furniture" Zatanna screamed

She struggled in an attempt to get free but failed as Allura’s power over her was too strong for her.

"I know isn't it wonderful, you are gonna be my personal bed and plaything you should be honoured" Allura laughed "trust me Zat you will love it" Allura said before beginning to chant

Allura was chanting a spell Zatanna had never heard before and could only make out words like big, soft and huge. As Allura's chant continued Zatanna’s necklace began to shine again and suddenly a strange purple slim started to drip out onto her chest. As the strange slim began to build up more and more it started to move up towards Zatanna's mouth.

"What the hell is this" Zatanna yelled

Allura continued her chant as she watched the slim moved closer to Zatanna’s mouth. Zatanna tried to keep her mouth shut but Allura forced her mouth open and the slim began to pour down her throat. The slim continued to build up and pour down Zatanna’s throat as Allura finally finished her chant and stopped to watch the show in front of her.

"Hmm seems you have been eating too much fatty foods there Zat, your starting to get fat" Allura said poking the helpless Zatanna in the belly

Zatanna looked at Allura confused but unable to speak back. When Zatanna looked down she was shocked to find that Allura was right, she was getting fatter. Zatanna's once rock hard chest now puffed out in front of her growing bigger every second, from a small pot belly to 4 month pregnant woman’s. Her belly was not the only thing, her breast seem to also be filling with the slim as the pushed against the top of her top buttons increasing the amount of cleavage she displayed. Her hips then began to flare out to the sides as the slim spread out and moved down to her lower half making her firm butt stick out further and further.

"MMMM, mmmm" Was all Zatanna say as the slim stopped her from actually talking

Zatanna began to struggle against Allura’s control over her as she seemed to be able to move her arms more than before but it was not enough to stop the slim or escape.

"Oh I love it when you struggle. It makes it that much more enjoyable to watch" Allura mocked as she walked around the expanding magician

Zatanna could feel her body parts expanding as the slim continued pour into her. Her belly continued to push outward and began stretching her top and straining her buttons. Her breast her stockings started to tear as her thighs, hips, butt and legs expanded to twice their size causing Zatanna to adjust her stance as she was not used to her new weight. As the slim poured in the weight continued to pile on pushing Zatanna's stance wider and wider and her cloths began to tear even more.




Three of Zatanna's buttons popped off her top revealing even more of her growing cleavage and expanding belly.

"Oh no, I’m getting so heavy. I have to stop this or else I won’t be able to walk" Zatanna thought

Zatanna began to struggle again causing her body to jiggle and her boobs to bounce out of control. This pleased Allura as she watched the helpless heroine struggle and continue to be fattened.

"I guess i should explain, you see that slim that keeps pouring down your throat is instantly turned into fat, hence why you are gaining some much wonderful weight" Allura said poking Zatanna’s expanding stomach

Zatanna continued to expand with fat and she was beginning to lose her balance as she was becoming quit heavy.

"Oh god, oh god im going down" Zatanna thought as she braced for impact

Zatanna was happy that here weight was good for one thing as she landed softly on her giant round butt cheeks. However she was annoyed at the fact that her belly and boobs did not stop shacking until a few minutes after her impact with the ground. This annoyed Zatanna because is showed just how fat and large she had become from this slim.

"Phew finally some good" She thought with relief

"Owww, did the fatty fall down oh no poor chubby wubby" Allura mocked "Although i do have to say you look quite sexy big and plump my dear" Allura said

Allura walked around Zatanna again this time pinching, poking and grabbing Zatanna’s fat in different places seeing how much it jiggled and how soft she had become.

"Hmm you truly are a sight of beauty Zat" Allura said as she marvelled at her wonderful creation



The last two buttons on her top popped off and exposed her growing belly and breasts. As Zatanna looked down she could not believe what see saw. Her belly was massive, it had grown to the size of a small car now and it had split into two large rolls and they now covered her legs. Her boobs looked like two over inflated beach balls and sat on top of her giant belly. Her arms had been covered in layers of fat and her face now had two extra chins and was now a lot rounder. Zatanna’s butt was huge and it provided her with a very soft and somewhat comfortable cushion to sit on as each butt cheek had grown to the size of a bean bag. Her hips and thighs had grown to be the size of thick tree trunks. Zatanna looked as if she had never done any sort of physical activity in her entire life.

"Gee Zat you may wanna lay off the fast food, you're getting really fat" Allura said

Zatanna shot her a stare which only caused Allura to enjoy what was happening to her even more knowing Zatanna's discomfort and annoyance. Zatanna began to notice that she was higher in the air then before. She then realised it was because as her ass continued to grow under her, her fat pushed her further into the air. Suddenly there was a loud ripping noise and Zatanna knew her black panties had finally lost the fight against her fat. Zatanna was not upset about this as they had been digging into her fat and had given her the biggest wedgie she had ever know possible.

"Hmm I think it’s time for a new outfit don’t you" Allura said before she began chanting once again

Zatanna was then surrounded by a glowing purple and then she felt a tingle across her body. Zatanna’s remaining cloths vanished and she was left completely naked, besides her necklace, spread out on the floor unable to move. Zatanna’s body then began to glow a shad of purple and was then covered in a full body purple spandex body suit which covered all of her body except her head. Allura ended her chant and looked over her handy work.

"Hmm not bad I must say, you look quite cute in purple my dear" Allura said giving Zatanna's bell a rub "But something is missing. Oh wait I know" Allura said before waving her hand over Zatanna's belly

Zatanna tried to see what Allura was doing but had her view blocked by her giant belly

"There" Allura said satisfied with her work "Oh can't you see over that gut of yours. Well here let me help you" Allura said with a smile as she made a very large mirror appear in front of Zatanna. Zatanna could see that Allura had written something in black letters on her belly. "Fatanna, property of Allura" was what it read

"See now everybody knows who is boss" Allura stated as she began to climb onto Zatanna’s mountainous belly.

Zatanna was now the size of a truck and must have weight in at over 800 pounds and would most likely never be able to walk again without the help of magic even if she did escape. when Allura finally made it onto of Zatanna's belly she began to rub her belly all over and then laid on her stomach and crawled towards Zatanna's face until they were almost touching.

"Yes I think you’re big enough my dear. For now" Allura said as she removed the necklace from under Zatanna’s extra chins and the remaining black slim dropped onto Zatanna's breast. "hhmm I think I like you better with only one extra chin" And with that Allura waved her hand a Zatanna’s face went back to only having one extra chin instead of three "Will be easier to put the necklace back on if I want to make you fatter" Allura said

"I will get you for this you..." Zatanna was cut off as Allura kissed her on the lips

"Shhhh my pet, I own you know and there is nothing you can do about it" Allura said with a wicked smile

"Oh yer" Zatanna said before she chanted one of her powerful spells, but nothing happened

"Hahaha your fool, you don't have your magic anymore my dear" Allura said feeling very victorious

"What but how you took the necklace off?" Zatanna said confused

"Hahaha, i did but you see, this is a very special necklace as I made it so your magic
was the black slim which turned you fat. It absorbed it out of you and then returned it into you as fat" Allura said unable to stop another wicked smile on her face

"You can't do this to me!" Zatanna screamed

"Oh but i just did and there is nothing you can do about it" Allura said before she sucked up the last of slim off of Zatanna's breast

Zatanna watched as the slim quickly turned Allura's rock hard abs into a layer of pugde under her outfit.

"We are gonna have so much fun together" Allura said before returning to rub Zatanna’s belly and fondling her large breasts.
A story I wrote a few months ago but forgot about. I have written a few super heroine stories and with be posting them soon so enjoy.
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